Multimedia e-learning

Thanks to the cognitive theory of multimedia learning (Mayer, 2009), we know that learning is an active process of filtering, selecting, organising and integrating information.

According to this theory, humans have two separate information processing channels for verbal and pictorial information.Presenting a piece of information in both channels helps learners construct connections between two forms of mental representations: verbal and non-verbal. 

However, all of the existing e-learning tools present the information via only verbal (audio/video) channels or non-verbal (text) channels.

This is why we create MySmartLab, the only tool that integrates different types of media like images, audio, video, animation, text and graphics into online courses that synchronise with your video.

How it works ? 

It’s pretty simple, really.


Integrate and synchronize  in your video any type of medias

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Because students learn better when corresponding words and pictures are presented simultaneously rather than successively in courses, (temporal contiguity principle), MySmartLab has developed the Smartboxes. 

The Smartboxes are representing by lightbulbs.

It allows you to incorporate any type of medias in synchronization with your video. 

Simple, no?

All the features you need 

Whether you’re a an educational institution, a large organisation or a public organisation – we’ve got you covered.


  • Assess your learners and deliver certifications in a fun way

By using gamification principles for our online quizz creator, we ensure your learner’s success by making online training fun, entertaining and engaging for learners.

  • Track the learning journey of your learners

Track the progress of the learners through your courses, and understand what each learner needs help with, then effortlessly assign the best resource to help them improve the most.

  • No coding required
  • Responsive
  • Notification system
  • Interactive note taking space