About us

Who are we ?


Lise Martinot – Founderlise martinot 2

Lise created and headed the most successful IRS broking-desk in London. At age 32, she turned to art-history, created her own e-learning program, and developed My.Smart.Lab to solve the attached-pdf problem. She is highly creative, a seasoned problem solver, always attracted to risk taking, challenges and a natural divergent thinker.


Pierre-Adrien Justice – Co-Founder

pierre adrien justice

Pierre-Adrien developed complementary skills in his previous experiences. He early decided to turn to the startups world at Schoolab, the first early-stage incubator of Paris, where he coaches startups. At the same time, he founded two startups, the main one is named “PrepaStrat”, an all-in-one and 100% online preparation for top consulting firms’ interviews. Thus he is used to work on digital learning platforms… but is frustrated as they don´t answer to all his needs, especially documents integration with videos. That is why he joined My.Smart.Lab to provide the team with his skills and vision of a client, an e-learning trainer.


Why My.Smart.Lab ?

By developing their own MOOCs or consulting e-learning startups Lise and Pierre-Adrien know that e-learning programs based on videos are not solid enough academically, so they back up their videos with pdf docs, website references, bibliographies etc.

This explains why most e-learning programs face to a massive drop-out rate of the learners in the course of their program. My.Smart.Lab fixes this crucial issue by creating interactive embedded videos where all docs are split, organised and synchronised with the video, so attention and curiosity are maintain, thanks to interactivity, immediacy and ludic plasticity of SmartLabed videos.