MySmartLab is a saas which synchronizes multimedia documents with videos.

How does it work?

Its simple! You will synchronise multimedia documents with video.

The viewer of your video wants to check a point? he clicks on a synchronised document, gets his answer, satisfied and active, he will come back to your video.

You can also add a call to action button, a clickable and synchronised table of content and a search engine.

The viewer of your video wants to select a specific moment of the video? he uses the table of content or the search engine,  taking him straight to the point.



How can we help you?

You already produce long videos but their retention rate is low?  You have much more to say, share and demonstrate? MySmartLab is made for you.

You produce long and important documents rarely fully read or understood? MySmartLab is made for you.

You want to attract more people on your website, understand your profession and the services you provide? You want to pilot an efficient communication campaign? MySmartLab is made for you.


MySmartLab, the story of a passion for cognitive sciences

Videos catch attention, they do not transfer deep knowledge. Reversely, written texts, numbers, charts, transfer knowledge, but rarely catch attention. Catching attention AND transferring knowledge is MySmartLab’s reason to be. To reach high quality communication, six basic laws should be respected:

1) Use multimedia documents to access a brain through multisensorial canals.

2) Add Spatial contiguity to capture visually eyes movement. All possible questions raised by your video are answered through your interactive library placed next to it.

3) Discover Temporal contiguity, brains are not patient. Your library will be synchronised with the video, so your answers and added comments are provided at the right time. No scrolling down, no new tabs, no delay.

4) Segmenting : combining short text, on different subjects, using different  media is the only way to maintain attention span. MySmartlab nicely organized them all in thematic boxes.

5) Activating: why is a driver always less bored than the person sitting next to him? Because he is in charge. Let the viewers of your videos and library be the driver by creating interactive videos.

6) Free will navigation : MySmartlab interactive table of content and search engine allow your viewer to navigate through your video. No more uncontrolled immersion in a video, no more back and forward.

With their reader-viewer kept attentive and fully informed, our client create a precious communication based on trust and respect. A brain whose attention has been caught but not fed is frustrated; a brain that has been captivated and satisfied will become your reliable partner. This is MySmartLab commitment.